Knowledge Corner

Manpower as a global leader for innovative solutions and services in the temporary and permanent employment sectors, helps and supports companies and business partners by sharing its knowledge, global expertise and resources so that all labor market participants can adopt trends and good practices in order to face all the challenges of the future.

Our research and business cycle analysis and forecasting of HR trends and needs give organizations the necessary insights and tools to more easily create and deliver innovative solutions for labor allocation worldwide. In oreder to initiate a dialogue of all labor market participants and to review different perspectives and views on key issues and trends that shape the world of work, we have launched the Knowledge corner. In addition to the "know-how" knowledge and expertise of our experts who give their practices and knowledge from the perspective of HR, but also other economically important topics, we will host young talents, representatives of all generations of the workforce and clients and partners who will speak openly about the challenges problems solutions regarding their companies.

Sharing knowledge, practices, actions and new perspectives, Manpower confirms it's HR strengthens within the business community in Croatia.

If you have a proposal for a topic or quality content that contributes to the improvement of the business climate and economy, especially from the topics of HR, please contact us at info@manpowergroup.hr.