SEIFEDDINE YOUNSI, IT Recruitment Consultant @ Manpower Hrvatska SEIFEDDINE YOUNSI, IT Recruitment Consultant @ Manpower Hrvatska

IT jobs are still in full swing, but employee retention can be tenuous.

IT jobs are still in full swing, but employee retention can be tenuous!


• How would you rate the labor market in the IT industry in Croatia?

Since 2020, and due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the daily life digital transformation has increased in Croatia. Companies quickly implemented technologies to assist remote work, online sales growth accelerated, public services became available online, and education became possible on internet platforms. In Croatia, the IT market has been getting stronger and steadier every day for the last five years, and it's only going forward.

• Are 'Soft Skills' & Culture Fit more important to a successful IT recruitment methodology than technical competencies assessment?

There is an old saying: success does not mean gazing at each other but looking together in the same direction.
The same goes for soft and tech skills; they should go parallel in harmony, both are very important for successful hiring. But if we want to land the scale somewhere, I would go for soft skills because tech skills and expertise are teachable with time and commitment. Being culturally fit in a group of people is primarily natural and depends on the individual's personality and character, which is harder to find and identify than tech skills.

• Employees in the IT industry have been the most sought-after workforce for some time, and it seems that this will not change. How likely is It the candidate will spend a reasonable amount of time with the organization?

Two or three generations ago, individuals were mainly stuck with one job for life or one company for life. The main goals were stability and security. Nowadays, the employment system changed, the diversity of offer and demand in the labor market is broader. Therefore employees will stay in the same organization only if specific criteria are provided ( financial security&career growth, flexibility, good work environment).

• In the 21st century, IT skills are no longer necessary for only IT roles. A basic understanding of IT skills can go a long way for a recruiter's success. Do You Agree, and should all recruiters involved in the IT industry share some basic understanding?

Naturally, since IT recruiters are involved in the IT industry, they should have certain knowledge regarding technologies, terminologies, and market updates. If the IT recruiter does not have an IT background, they can start with the beginner level; during this period, the recruiter gets their first dose of unfamiliar technical terms in resumes and job descriptions. However, since the recruiter is focused on basic IT vocabulary and adaptation, mastering a technical language is limited by memorizing new words. Pronunciation of technical terms can be difficult after working on several job openings and learning new technical terms. Key terms and bundles become structured, and the recruiter classifies them according to the development area. With time, commitment, and daily learning, the recruiter will eventually gather a good amount of IT knowledge. Not to code or develop, but to recognize the talent that fits each specific position.

• What was the impact of Covid19 on the IT industry?

The covid 19 outbreak had a substantial impact on the IT industry. The world got more digitized; therefore, IT professionals and IT companies have more projects to work on. Unlike any other sector, the IT industry does not require onsite work, so there were not many obstacles thanks to the possibility of remote work. Most employers install cloud technologies, and employees can do the job from the safety of their homes. We can say that the IT sector is the least negatively affected by the pandemic if not progressed during the pandemic.